Seven Deadly Sins of Instagram

Hipster bag and scarfNew slippers

After going Instagram crazy over the two days I spent at my boyfriend’s house, I have come to realise that the vast majority of Instagram shots can be used to represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

GPOY you're so vainFuturama Season 4

Lust – Whatever it is that you’re lusting after, you should probably take a fake retro picture of it.

Envy – In the Instagram sense, this is quite closely related to lust. Are you totes jel of that girl’s flatforms? Catch a clandestine picture of them. Just hope she doesn’t see you. When you’re me, you are overcome with lust and envy in the most bizarre of places: a staircase at The Piece Hall in Halifax, where I saw a beautiful wall mural that I now want on my bedroom walls. Yep.

Morgan's Spiced Cuba LibreBoyfriend :)

Gluttony – St Thomas Aquinas thought that there were six types of gluttony. They were: eating too soon, eating too expensively, eating too much, eating too eagerly, eating too daintily, and eating too boringly. I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of one of these – and probably guilty of Instagramming them as well. Bear this in mind when you’re quickly snapping your decadent meal before scarfing it down. Also bear it in mind when you take yet another picture of your morning porridge.

Pride – I took two fancy looking pictures of myself. One, because I was rather chuffed with the collar, jumper and moose necklace combination that I had on that day. Another, simply because my hair looked quite nice. The ability to make yourself look instantly more attractive with the application of a grainy filter is very tempting… and very hard to resist.

San Pellegrino Blood OrangeScrabble Ring

Greed – Greed isn’t actually about food. It’s about pursuing wealth, status and power above all else. There’s no need to take a picture of your bank balance if it’s looking particularly healthy (nor, for that matter, is there any need to do this if it’s looking a little under the weather). Guess what else falls under the definition of greed? Hoarding. That’s a nice picture of your 726 bottles of nail varnish…

Vainglory – Vainglory is not quite the same thing as vanity, as the ‘vain’ part of the word actually means something more similar to ‘futile’. So vainglory is futile boasting – bragging about things that you have no real reason to be boasting about. How does this relate to Instagram? ‘I JUST HAD THE BEST CUP OF TEA EVER’, accompanied by a picture of a plain mug of builder’s tea – this is something that has probably happened somewhere on the internet. If you must brag, wait until you’ve done something awesome.

The Piece Hall HalifaxAmazing bookshop

Sloth – The sin of sloth is not only the laziness itself, but also the failure to use your energy and talents. So when you take an arty picture of your slippers, make sure that you’re using your energy and talent. I wear my amazingly adorable new slippers around the house (though they look so much like cute flats that if I were to lose all self respect I could just wear them out for the day) but I make sure that I’m doing something even vaguely useful while I’ve got them on.

Bookshop with laddersThe Piece Hall Halifax

Apathy – Otherwise known as Acedia, though nobody really knows what that means. Acedia means a state of listlessness, almost a kind of melancholy. So if you choose to let your coursework build up in a pile on your desk, and the dishes stack up in the sink, and then instead of doing anything about it, you take a picture of it and post it to Twitter? You, my friend, are a sinner. And you’re probably not very fun to follow on Twitter either.

Wrath – So you’re just fuming, livid, foaming at the mouth, out of your mind with anger over the fact that your train is delayed by an hour and a half? That’s fine. I understand. Does the world need to see a picture of the departures board at the station with a pretentious vintage filter put over it? No, no it does not.

MeLindt Bunny

Are you guilty of any of the Seven Deadly Sins – Instagram or otherwise?

Weekend Instagram

Er, what was that I was saying about how I’m not a blogger stereotype? Maybe I should take it all back. Here are some photos of my weekend, via Instagram.



a. An hour’s walk on a vaguely sunny day, followed by a well deserved pint. It started to chuck it down on the way home, of course. b. While Rich watched F1 (which bores me to tears) I sat and dangled my feet out of the window and powered through Year of the Flood. I finished it yesterday and I loved it. c. Would you guess that this was my boyfriend’s house, or a Ford showroom? From left to right they belong to his sister, his mum, me, and him. d. Sweet potato, chickpea and chorizo hash. I only vaguely followed the recipe and generally winged it, as a hash isn’t really something you can mess up very badly. Served with a liberal sprinkling of chopped coriander and a dollop of crème fraîche. I urge you to make it now – easy to make, easy to adapt for vegans or veggies, nutritious, filling, delicious.

Tell me about your weekend!

Lazy Sunday Links

+ I did a guest post about how to eat well on a student budget, over at Where Are My Knees? 

+ This lazy Sunday would be made perfect if somebody could come and make me these lemon chicken wraps from The Londoner.

+ I can’t stop watching videos of adorable animals on YouTube. I’m currently enjoying watching 55 ducks crossing the road.

+ A great post on e-books and e-readers, over at Drunk Literature.

+ This isn’t a link but can you all please admire this canvas print that I got from Rich for Christmas. He is seriously awesome. End of mushiness.


What I Wore

I love fashion bloggers. Seriously, you ladies are awesome. I’ve given up magazines, but I still need to look at beautiful clothes every now and again. Some days I hate every single item of clothing in my (jam packed) wardrobe. On days like this, a fashion blog is far more useful as inspiration than a magazine could ever be. I don’t need to see somebody wearing a dress that cost a thousand pounds, styled to within an inch of their life and laid on an exotic beach somewhere. That does not help me put together a passable outfit. I want to see somebody wearing a dress from Primark with a coat from a charity shop and looking just as amazing as the model in the magazine, even if they are just heading to uni or going out for lunch.

I don’t do outfit posts myself very often, even though I love seeing them on other blogs. I feel incredibly awkward taking pictures of myself, and quite frankly, some days all I wear are pyjamas and my work clothes which, trust me, are not very exciting. When Rich comes to visit, this means that I wear proper outfits and have somebody willing to take my picture. It also means that we go for walks around my village and so I have a nice backdrop  to pose in front of. Here are two outfits I donned in the past few days. january15th


The rules of my ‘style’ (if you can call it that) are 1. colour is your friend 2. jeans are not. I started a WIWT account: Emdawg. The chances of me posting a photo there every day are… well, just wait and see if hell freezes over. Still, doing one or two a week will make me feel that I have to look presentable more often, which can only be a good thing.

How do you feel about outfit posts? They’re unlikely to become the focus of What Emily Did Next, as I actually quite like my little blog the way it is – a general hodgepodge of my life.

How would you sum up your style in two rules?

Anniversary, apparently

I decided that today was mine and Rich’s 2-year anniversary. We ate scrambled eggs together before he got ready for work and I got ready to go home. At some point during the morning Rich pointed out that it may not actually be our anniversary. We’re bad at being a couple, we don’t really know the dates. I then decided I did not care whether it was or not, I was going to say it was. I got up early so we could eat eggs together. There’s no guarantee I’ll do that another day, and obviously no guarantee we will see each other on whatever day turns out to actually be our anniversary.

As I have said once already on Facebook, I will take any excuse to post this gorgeous picture.


Made for each other, right? All jokes aside, I’m very happy. I can only assume he is too. Long distance isn’t ideal, but it’s worked out so far. It means that every time we see each other we’re excited, and it means we plan something amazing to do every time.

Now, I promise not to dedicate an entire post on this blog to being mushy ever again.

Spot the odd one out

Can you tell which of these people is my dad, rather than somebody dressed up as my dad?


If you guess correctly, you win the grand prize of… absolutely nothing. I have nothing to give you. I’m sorry.


My life in summary

To celebrate my birthday* Rich is taking me to a spa in Chester this weekend. I’m very excited but not entirely sure what goes on at a spa. I’m told I have full use of the gym, pool and sauna, and let’s just say I’m taking a (polka dot) swimming costume but no trainers. I’m afraid working out has no part in my birthday celebrations. This weekend will mark the end of my month of frivolity, and the start of the new improved job hunt as the current one is getting me nowhere. I haven’t done the 30 Day Shred for ages because there has been a constant stream of people in the house so I plan to get back into it soon. I had a horrible moment of low self esteem where I began to wonder if I was too fat to go a spa, but I’m mostly over it now.

My dad got a Kindle for his birthday, and I fell in love with it, and so I have asked my parents for one as an early Christmas present. I’ll never stop buying real books as I love them too much, but as a girl who once took three books on a train journey, the convenience is too good to pass up. I love that you can download sample chapters too! I’m usually reluctant about buying new releases so that will be great.

* My birthday was in August. He really knows how to stagger the celebrations, doesn’t he?

  • Do you have a Kindle? Love/hate it? I used to think they were awful creations but have been completely won round. Still, I think there’s nothing better than a well-stocked bookshelf.
  • Have you ever been to a spa? What exactly happens in one?
  • What’s been going on in your life?


weeeekendddd 008

weeeekendddd 009

weeeekendddd 011

weeeekendddd 012

weeeekendddd 014

weeeekendddd 022

weeeekendddd 024

weeeekendddd 028

weeeekendddd 031

weeeekendddd 033

weeeekendddd 036

weeeekendddd 038

weeeekendddd 040

weeeekendddd 043

Another weekend in Wensleydale. Rich came to visit. On Saturday afternoon we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go to Jervaulx Abbey for a wander. I scrambled around in the back of my wardrobe for a dress I never managed to wear this summer. A bargain from H&M which has lasted me since my first year of uni and is still going strong! I wore my charity shop denim shirt over it because I burn easily but couldn’t be bothered to put suncream on (lazyyy) and was absolutely boiling. I got some funny looks off a couple while I was paying our entry fee at the honesty box – I guess some people wouldn’t pay because it wasn’t absolutely compulsory? I would usually pay at an honesty box, or at least put some amount of money in. It was really nice for a walk around. We tried to sit down on the grass for a bit but it was either damp in the shade or itchy in the heat, so we carried on mooching round and then headed to the tearoom for a cold drink. I’ve had Fentiman’s dandelion & burdock a few times and I’m now attempting to have a different one from the range whenever I have chance. Last week I tried rose lemonade, and on Saturday I had a ginger beer. After Jervaulx Abbey we headed to Brymor because, as I’ve said before, a day out in Wensleydale just isn’t complete without it. I had a mocha almond crunch ice-cream which was bloody delicious, as expected.

In the evening we went to The Station for food and a film. We saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Opinion: I don’t think I really understood it, but I definitely enjoyed it. It was very nice visually, if a bit stuffy and peeping-tom-ish. As always when I go to the cinema, various members of the audience insisted on guffawing loudly when nothing was funny. Two girls sat next to us left after about 20 minutes. After the film I had a few gin & tonics, and rekindled my love for Martini rosso. On Sunday morning in bed I pondered what kind of exciting summery dress + sandals combination I could wear that day… then I looked out of the window and realised the weather had taken a turn for the worse. The most exciting thing we did was drive to Tesco to get a car wash for Rich’s car, only to discover the car wash broken.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Llamas and wallabies and crocodiles, oh my!

This weekend Rich came to stay at mine, and we went to Thorp Perrow on Saturday to see some some animals and trees. Despite the crazy weather (hot, then suddenly cold, raining, then suddenly sunny) it was nice to walk around the gardens, see a falconry display and some amazing animals. There were rheas, wallabies, meerkats, pygmy goats, ferrets, exotic pheasants and a llama. Afterwards we went to Brymor for some ice cream – no day out in Wensleydale is complete without a trip to Brymor. In the evening we went out for an for an Italian, for which I decided to get completely overdressed and wear my graduation frock. My justification was that I need to get some use out of it in order to save it from the charity bag. All in all it was a great weekend. I complain bitterly about still living at home sometimes, but I can’t deny that there’s a lot of beautiful places and great days out. I took a lot of pictures of leaves, trees, animals and food. thorpperrowweekend 005

thorpperrowweekend 014

thorpperrowweekend 017

thorpperrowweekend 031

thorpperrowweekend 050

thorpperrowweekend 049

thorpperrowweekend 051

thorpperrowweekend 057

thorpperrowweekend 060

thorpperrowweekend 061

thorpperrowweekend 064

thorpperrowweekend 065

thorpperrowweekend 067

thorpperrowweekend 068

thorpperrowweekend 069

thorpperrowweekend 034

thorpperrowweekend 024

thorpperrowweekend 038

thorpperrowweekend 054

thorpperrowweekend 071

I will be putting more pictures of Thorp Perrow on my Facebook if anyone wants to see them. I like to think I’m some kind of photography whizz taking closeups of flowers like that, despite only owning a cheap Samsung camera and having very little idea what to do with it. Any tips? Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Weekend pictures

weekendthe5th 006weekendthe5th 008weekendthe5th 010weekendthe5th 007

weekendthe5th 009weekendthe5th 013

weekendthe5th 022weekendthe5th 023

weekendthe5th 024weekendthe5th 028

weekendthe5th 030weekendthe5th 032

weekendthe5th 034weekendthe5th 035

weekendthe5th 037weekendthe5th 036

I’ve had a lovely weekend at Rich’s house in Halifax. My journey there was horrendous. First off, on the bus I suddenly felt inexplicably sick and could do nothing more than sit rigid, wondering what the protocol is for imminent vomit on public transport. The sick feeling subsided after about a minute so I never found out. I got on a train and I ended up sat next to two boys who were discussing how friend of theirs put a pin badge on his balls, and a guy who kept chewing on his phone. Then I changed trains at Leeds, where there was all kinds of hell on because some trains were delayed. Thankfully mine wasn’t but it made walking through the station more stressful than usual. Then on my second train I got sat opposite a hooded youth who yammered loudly on his phone in almost indecipherable slang while seemingly attempting to play footsie with me.

When did I get so old and irritable? Who knows…

On Saturday we planned to wake up bright and early to head out of the door for 10. As is to be expected, we didn’t wake up until 10, and headed out to Skipton for the day at around 12. I saw lots of old-fashioned telephones in shops for some reason, and of course couldn’t resist taking pictures of them. We went for a boat ride on the canal which was actually quite traumatic for me. A duck splashed dirty canal water in my face, causing me to bang my head against a pole. I saw a dead rabbit floating along in the water, and I saw a pigeon that had fallen into the canal and was trying desperately to get out but couldn’t. Then as the boat ride was ending, a duck got trapped between the wall and the boat and flapped about, which sent more canal water into my face. We finished the day with fish and chips from Bizzie Lizzie’s eaten in the car, which is of course the only correct way to end a cold English day out. In  the evening we went out for a meal to Red Pepper. I had recovered from the canal experience enough to wear my gorgeous Max C dress with pearl swans on the collar. The food was gorgeous, I tried sea bass for the first time and loved it. The picture doesn’t do it justice: it was absolutely delicious, as was the spinach and tortellini it was served with.

On Sunday we went for a drink at The Shibden Mill Inn, which was recently voted as Yorkshire’s favourite pub. It was a really nice place but not my kind of pub at all; it was dimly lit, not homely at all and had very few places to sit if you weren’t eating. I’d go again for food, as it all looked gorgeous, but probably not for a casual drink. After that we headed home to make our own Sunday dinner, which was pretty damn tasty. We didn’t do much else after that, as the Northern weather is getting quite, well, Northern.

I decided I didn’t want to leave so I stayed Sunday night as well, leading to a cold miserable morning of goodbyes. My train journey back was great in comparison to the one there. As I pegged it down the stairs at Halifax station as the train doors were closing, a conductor kept one set of doors open for me so I could scurry inside. Once on board, the inspector came to check my tickets and as I faffed around looking for them he just said ‘Ah you’re alright’, flashed me a smile and went on his way. I love nice people! My mum picked me up from the station and we went to, among other places, the wonderful Bettys to get some bread. I got a fruit heart which I enjoyed at home with a cup of tea, The I paper and Glamour magazine.

Now, having done little else today other than come home, eat and write this, I’m going to write the best CV that ever was. (Possibly a slight exaggeration.)

Hope everyone had a great weekend & a good day today!